Tonkinese, Siamese & Silver Spotted Eygptian Maus

About Us

Phabbay cats is our breeding prefix and appears on the pedigree of all our cats. We have had cats as pets for over 50 years and have been breeding for over 20. Currently we have 9 adult cats who you can see in 'Our cats' some of whom are purely pets and some of whom we breed from.

We breed Tonkinese, Siamese and Egyptian Mau's

As animal lovers this is something we do in our spare time through our passion for cats. We only have a few litters of kittens a year based on when we can best manage to be around for the kittens to provide the high level of care necessary.

All our cats live indoors and so our kittens are home reared as members of the family. They grow up used to the rest of the cats, our friends and their families, and most household noises.We always ensure prospective buyers are suited to our kittens and not the other way round

We are based in central Scotland halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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